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5 amazing social media pages to help you learn English

Many social media platforms are an excellent source for people to learn and improve their English since English is one of the most widely used languages on such platforms. People typically try and put their message in the English language so that a larger audience could receive it. This is because most people do understand English, even if it is not their first language. This makes English a much more favorable option in terms of language for posting content online. Many European and South-American sports personalities don’t speak English, but they post content on their socials in English since they understand that the larger audience can recognize the language. Many social media platforms also have put a translation button, which can automatically help any language to convert into English so that the larger audience could understand it.

While such platforms have made it convenient for people to put out content in English, social media pages have also helped people in learning English. There are many Facebook and Instagram pages that allow people to learn English for free.

Learn English with Oxford (Facebook)

The team at Oxford University Press has contributed a lot towards helping people in learning English. Their content, which constitutes videos, images, tips, and explainers Et cetera, has helped people to sustain their interest as well as learn newer things in the language. The press tries to put out content that is fresh and tries to evoke and change your thinking pattern by understanding the language in a much deeper yet exciting manner.

Learn English online (Facebook)

This is another Facebook oriented page created to improve people’s English ability. It frequently posts English stories, grammar tips, educational videos, and fun images, which makes people self-think on problem identification and solving it. Due to their scholarly approach, this page has also helped many people improve their skills and have encouraged them to get better at the language.

English chat and learning club (a Facebook group)

 With over 450,000 users, the grouped is aimed to bring closer people who want to learn English or even get better at it. In this group, people connect and try to share useful content, which can assist in improving the language. People also try to make friends with whom they can speak entirely in English. This has also helped people to improve their speaking and typing skills majorly.

Learn English with Lucky (YouTube)

This is a YouTube channel which is aimed to help people learn English. It is highly useful if a person is trying to learn a British accent as the tutor focuses more on pronunciation, grammar, verbs, and many more topics. The fact that the channel has 3 million subscribers validates how useful such content is for people.

In English with love (Instagram)

This Instagram page frequently posts English quotes and beautiful picture which are aimed to help people learn English. The exciting tips, which include topics like grammar and phrases, has helped people to learn a lot from the page. The page has over 100,000 followers, showing how successful the page is in its aim to improve people’s English.

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