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How social media is used in education?

Social media has changed the entire climate of how things are shared between people and has invariably decreased the delay time. People who require information regarding a niche or topic can search it on Google. You would find numerous focus groups and experts who will be willing to provide your requirement-fit information. Apart from this, the sheer fact that social media brings people with a learning focus and educational institutions closer together validates the fact that it immensely provides education to students. This is even more true considering the pandemic state of the world where people are bound within their own houses.

Empowering students

Nearly 3.6 billion people use social media in today’s world, from which the majority of the users are, in fact, teenagers. Through social media, people can encourage others by sharing their stories and promoting positive activities. Actors and influence such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart share daily stories of their fitness and goal of the day, which helps such influencers promote such activities within their following. This way, many people influence others to pick-up activities such as exercise, healthy eating, spiritual meditation, and educational learning. This way, social media can act as a bridge between education and motivation.

Implementation in school

Since students’ consumption of social media is increasing day by day, instead of prohibiting students from using such things, why not promote them by providing education through such mediums. Many online universities and academies offer online courses and degree programs. This not only allows teenagers of today to stay in their comfort zone but to use it for their advantage. Using excess social media often can drain people mentally, but such activities help keep social media fresh and useful for students.

Acts as an excellent tool for teachers

Teachers have been using social media as a tool for them to put out educational content so that their students can get extra attention and knowledge since it helps to save the entire lecture on these platforms. Having the ability to create groups specific to a particular field, department or classroom allows teachers to get a hold of their students and direct content to them without any prints and accessibility. Hence it has made life much more efficient for teachers in general.

Helps in building community

Teachers and the institution having an online representation help build and strengthen a bond outside the professional realm. This helps to develop and promote a teacher-student or institution-student relationship. This relationship ultimately leads to a boost in student motivation since the online presence establishes a daily interaction between the student and the education provider. This regular interaction leads to expectations in the minds of the students, which makes them feel important. This process leads to an acceleration in self-confidence.

In conclusion, we can see more pros than cons regarding the use of social media for educational purposes. But all these pros only establish when there is a control to the extent of social media a person uses.

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