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    How social media is used in education?

    Social media has changed the entire climate of how things are shared between people and has invariably decreased the delay time. People who require information regarding a niche or topic can search it on Google. You would find numerous focus groups and experts who will be willing to provide your requirement-fit information. Apart from this, the sheer fact that social media brings people with a learning focus and educational institutions closer together validates the fact that it immensely provides education to students. This is even more true considering the pandemic state of the world where people are bound within their own houses. Empowering students Nearly 3.6 billion people use social…

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    5 amazing social media pages to help you learn English

    Many social media platforms are an excellent source for people to learn and improve their English since English is one of the most widely used languages on such platforms. People typically try and put their message in the English language so that a larger audience could receive it. This is because most people do understand English, even if it is not their first language. This makes English a much more favorable option in terms of language for posting content online. Many European and South-American sports personalities don’t speak English, but they post content on their socials in English since they understand that the larger audience can recognize the language. Many…

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