5 Best Social Media Platforms for Business

Social media is a strong and vital tool for businesses to share their activities with an abundance of people and potential customers. There are plenty of social media mediums, this article will focus on the 5 best ones to use, that are suitable for all sorts of businesses, highlighting their core features and the benefits they can create, from promotions to maximizing sales.

Social media accounts are all about maximizing engagements and followers, to do this effectively consider contacting a top-rated social media, particularly Instagram organic growth service provider. Their services can help people get aware of businesses activities, increasing engagement and followers.

This article will highlight ways how to use social media to get clients for businesses. The following 5 platforms are selected due to them having large users interacting with them daily.


The platform is widely considered one of the fastest-growing in recent years, over 1 billion people go online on Instagram each day, and many companies have adopted it as their primary source of promotion and sales for their businesses.

It has many features and tools to help your business flourish.

  •         Hashtags

Hashtags help in making your content reach a certain set of audiences. Businesses can promote their posts accordingly, getting their message to industry-specific people using the correct and smart set of hashtags.

  •         Stories

Make use of this feature to post regular updates regarding new products that are going to be launched or by getting people aware of deals or promotions on their websites.

  •         Instagram shop

This feature greatly improves the overall experience of the app, and ensures a user-friendly approach for customers, when making buying decisions. It also enables an in-app checkout feature specifically designed for businesses.


Although growth in the platform is slowing down, it is still the biggest social media platform out there, making interacting with people from a variety of regions and countries possible. This ensures that any sort of business activity can generate a reasonable audience for it.

Key features on the platform include:

  •         Messenger

The messenger app makes interacting with your followers fast and effective. Customers’ queries can be addressed and reacted upon systematically and professionally.

  •         Ad campaigns

The platforms’ campaigns are a vital feature in achieving business growth, increasing overall reach, and maximizing engagements on your profile.

The ad campaign can also be incorporated into your Instagram account, ensuring a wider audience can be reached.


The platform excels at sending short, concise messages to the audience, making them aware of different activities planned by a business.

This way, a steady stream of information regarding their products can be maintained, and make followers aware of upcoming deals or promotions effectively.

It is also a great place to interact with people through hashtags, enabling the effective and wider spread of messages all across the platform.


Maintaining a YouTube page greatly enhances the spread of detailed information regarding a business and its products.

Detailed product review videos can be uploaded, showing customers exactly what they are considering buying, highlighting all the great points about a product.

This is sure to give a boost to sales as customers get a great insight into a business’s activities and products.


Short-form videos are one of the most popular forms of content these days, and no platform does it better than TikTok.

Businesses can post short videos, showcasing their products, how they look up close, highlighting the practical benefits of buying them.

A very high number of people can be associated with your activities in a short space of time, due to the popularity of the platform.

Other platforms such as Reddit, LinkedIn, and Snapchat can also be beneficial for businesses growth, however, they fall short to be mentioned in detail on this list.